About moi...

Born to two hippie parents on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Northern California, I am half French, half full-blown American mutt. Perhaps this is why I tend to identify more with my French half, being that my American heritage is all a bit murky. Or maybe there's more to it than that. My father, who was born and raised in France, has always marveled at how much more French I am than him.

My French obsession started early on in life. When given the chance in school I always chose French figures to study and write reports on. Jeanne d'Arc was one of my favorites. I still can't visit Notre Dame without lighting a candle to her. And I took it personally each year on the fifth of May when my classmates would point out that we were celebrating the French defeat at the hands of the Mexicans. My Edith Piaf listening began sometime in early high school as did my love of all things striped. I studied French for all four years in high school. For me, in my mind it was not an elective - it was a required course. And I continued my studies in college, getting my bachelor's in French despite the constant reminders by everyone around me of what a useless degree it was. 

I currently live in Montana, so very far from all things French. But I have taken bits and pieces of what I love about France (and the Lorraine/Vosges region in particular) and am constantly crafting a life where the two parts of my soul can feel as whole as possible. 

A quick explanation of the title of this site for those of you who do not speak French. Moitié means half in French and Mirabelles (a small yellow plum) are the one thing that truly remind me of the part of France I am most deeply attached to. So that is me, moitié Mirabelle and moitié all the American stuff.

With this blog/website I hope to share my love of France and Lorraine (the land of the delicious Mirabelle plums) and to perhaps connect with others who feel the same way I do.  Thanks for joining me on the journey. And as we fluent speakers of Franglais say "On y go"!

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You can also view my photography from travels in France, California and other places on my website: www.chiekohorn.com